Sunday, August 25, 2013

Skin Firming & Thickening Oral Supplements

Creams are no longer the only option for firming or thickening skin. Oral supplements have become more widely available and, according to the Skin Type Solutions website, their use is encouraged by dermatologists to improve skin health and appearance. There are a wide variety of supplements to choose and some are ideal for firming skin and improving its thickness.

Fish Oil

    Fish oil supplements.
    Fish oil supplements.

    According to the The Secrets of Beautiful Skin website, fish oil is extracted from the Hoki fish of New Zealand. The site explains that as we get older, the production of new skin cells and fibers declines. Fish oil has been proven to rebuild cells of the skin, thus improving its firmess. The website indicates that after consuming 1,000 mg of fish oil for three months, a person usually can see the desired effects on their skin. It cautions buyers to be aware that some fish oil supplements are better for use during different times of the day, but this information should be indicated on each bottle of the supplement.


    Collagen is not your body's average protein. According to The Doctor Within website, collagen makes up 65 percent of the body's total protein. The website discusses studies done in Tokyo that prove a 10 g collagen supplement thickens and tightens skin after a two-month period of daily consumption. Although the website warns that some companies wrongfully advertise collagen supplements as a cure-all for multiple problems, the evidence for its effects on the skin is overwhelming.

Vitamin C

    Vitamin C supplement.
    Vitamin C supplement.

    Vitamin C has several benefits for the body, including for the skin. In addition to being an anti-inflammatory and anti-acne supplement, vitamin C must be present for the body to form collagen, according to the Skin Type Solutions website, although vitamin C supplements should not be used in place of a dedicated collagen supplement. According to the website, vitamin C is hard to stabilize in topical products but can be trusted as an oral supplement. The website claims that these supplements are an inexpensive, effective oral supplement for improving skin thickness and the only possible drawback is a slight case of upset stomach. Nobel Prize winner and "Father of Vitamin C" Dr. Linus Pauling on the Daily Healing website suggests taking as much as 10 mg of vitamin C per day, but warns that people should cut back if it begins to produce a laxative effect.

Other Natural Skin Supplements

    Dimethylaminoethanol (or DMAE) and alpha lipoic acid are two natural skin supplements that aid in skin thickening. According to the Herbal Therapeutics website, DMAE promotes tight skin and reduces wrinkles, while alpha lipoic acid eliminates free radicals, which are primary factors in the breakdown of skin elasticity.

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