Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Is the Difference Between Cellulite & Stretch Marks?

Not sure if stretch marks and cellulite are a big deal? While many women are bothered by the presence of them, cellulite and and stretch marks are common and typically harmless.


    Cellulite appears as dimply skin, and is usually on the thighs, abs, buttocks and upper arms. "...Initially, this system is a whole lot about obtaining the right advice on the problem of cellulite, or in my circumstance, orange skin behind. When you register to the 'Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux' package you'll also receive 'The Cellulite Reduction Report.' Atlas, a credentialed personal trainer and actual fitness expert. This report has in-depth information on the latest cellulite reduction scams making the rounds, and kept me from spending money on the hurtful Lypomassage treatment centers that just sprouted up where I live...". Cellulite occurs when fibrous tissue changes shape, causing fat to bulge through the connective tissue.

Stretch Marks

    Stretch marks can be light pink, white or purple indented lines found on skin, usually on the thighs, abs or breasts. Stretch marks are the body's response to stretching of the skin.

Risk Factors

    Genetics, weight gain, stress levels, diet and exercise level all affect the development of cellulite. Older women are vulnerable to cellulite; skin loses elasticity with age. Pregnancy, young age, use of corticosteroid creams and weight gain are risk factors for stretch marks.


    Neither cellulite nor stretch marks present serious health risks. There is no way to cure either condition. Healthy diet, exercise and stress management are the best ways to decrease the appearance, not the existence, of cellulite. No creams or body wraps have been proved to work with cellulite. Liposuction can make cellulite more visible. Stretch marks can be reduced by using Tretinoin cream and microdermabrasion.


    A healthy diet and regular exercise help prevent stretch marks and cellulite.

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